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How To Avoid Premature Stop-Loss Triggers

How To Avoid Premature Stop-Loss Triggers

Placing stop loss orders can save a FOREX trader from sustaining heavy losses. While more advanced and experienced traders know what type of parameters to include in their stop-loss orders, it is more challenging for the beginner trader to determine these parameters. The beginner trader wants to save themselves from losing money but at the same time does not want to trigger a whole series of unnecessary sales that cost a lot of money in commissions either.

In particular, such unnecessary sales might cost the beginner more money because the market is actually showing signs of a quick rebound. They need to have reasonable protecting for their investment to mitigate all angles of risk. So what is a beginner trader to do? Glad you asked. The tips in this article are meant to demonstrate how to evaluate what stop loss orders to use.

The Value Of Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

When approaching the financial markets, traders usually either come from different camps. This would be either through fundamental or technical analysis backgrounds and traders will constantly argue which style is better but history has shown that the successful traders usually employ a combination of both these types of analysis in their repertoire.

If one were to read the most classic of trading books out there, “Market Wizards” by Jack Schwager, one would learn about Jim Rogers and Ed Seykota. Both were very successful traders but each were on complete opposite sides of the spectrum as Rogers was

Who Trades On The Forex Market?

forex traders

The Forex market, foreign exchange market, is considered to be the current the biggest financial market in the world. As a matter of fact, the currency market is several times bigger than the stock market. This is the one sector of the financial industry where a certain type of currency is exchanged for another type. There are several unique attributes related to Forex that may be surprising to those who are trading for the first time.

This introductory look at Forex will help you understand why and how more traders are choosing this type of investment.

Understanding Forex

Forex is the exchange rate for the price that is paid for one currency in exchange for another currency. These are the types of exchanges that help to drive the market.

There are over 100 different types of currency in the world. However, most of the common Forex trades and payments are made through the US Dollar, Euro and the Yen. Other commonly traded currencies are the British pound, the Canadian Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the Swiss krona and the Swiss franc.

The currency can be traded through several platforms including: