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What Plus500 Has To Offer To Traders

Plus500 is an online brokerage company that specializes in Forex trades. It has a lot of positive aspects that prospective clients will want to know about before signing up for an account.

First, it is based in the United Kingdom. As such, it is authorized by the British Financial Conduct Authority to do business as a brokerage.

Trump Wants To Dismantle Big Banks And Rigged Economic Systems


Question: is breaking down banks so that no bank is too big to fail a Republican or a liberal idea? Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump now are in favor of such a move. Most recently, Trump endorsed exactly such a move, calling for a return to the Glass-Steagall Act.

Opening Bell: 5/16/16

Opening Bell

Over Past Two Decades Yale Earned 93% Annually On Venture Capital (Bloomberg)

The initial $2.7 million investment that Yale University made in LinkedIn Corp. has produced a gain of $84.4 million for the university’s endowment since 2011 when the company went public.  It is a prime example of the role that venture capital has played in helping to drive the performance of the $25.6 billion, second-richest college endowment in the U.S.  According to Yale University’s 2015 investment report, which was posted on its website, over the past 20 years venture capital has earned the school a 93 percent annual average return.

Trends in Forex for 2016

There are a variety of ways to maximize your earnings through Forex markets, whether its focusing on short term movements, or looking at the long term possibilities. It’s easy to overlook the long term, due to frequent, unexpected changes that may come up. Regardless, it would be prudent to continue to look at trends that may come up throughout the remainder of the year.

Start of 2016 on Money market

chinese economy driving world economy to?

Slippery  recovery on money market in currencies is still not sign of recovery since China is still in guts to make more damage to world economy

Positive yield for US and European shares as well as US vs. JPY rebound is still under question since all influences were ignoring falling prices of China stocks during night. China indices fell on average 5,9% and they were closed on lowest level. As result of measures of China central bank,  Yuan  its strongest onshore in 4 months.

With this kind impacts,  Chinese market will determine movement on world stage overshadowing market sentiment and fundamentals.