Trading with 24Option Broker

It is not the secret that the 24Option broker is one of the most popular brokers worldwide when it comes to binary trading. Here are some of the positive and negative sides you should take into consideration if you are planning to deal with this specific type of online trading.

The majority of traders are delighted with the payouts for currency pairs that are provided by the 24Option. If you are searching for the “short term binary options”, you can choose between 30 seconds and 3 minute period, which is really great. In addition, this broker has really outstanding reputation, so you don’t have to worry that you will be cheated or something like that. It is a highly reputable company that provides the ultimate experience for all traders, even for those with the smallest investments. One more thing. If you are beginner and don’t want to lose your money before you learn how to trade, you can use demo account and check all available options.

Let’s now talk about the bad sides. We have found only one drawback that can discourage potential traders. And it is related to the minimum trade amount. If you decide to use this platform, you will have to invest at least $24, which is pretty much high, compared to other brokers. For example, we know that some traders allow trading with an initial investment of $5. You should make a search for the most suitable option, regarding the money you need to spend to get into game. Of course, you can even find something similar to coupon offers to reduce the starting price. Everybody offers coupons these days, even Christmas tree sellers like Balsam Hill.

As you can see, this platform is almost perfect and we recommend it to all forex traders, both newbies and experienced ones. Creating an account is extremely easy and takes only a few minutes. The best part here is the you can create your trading account for free. Just enter your general information and specify which currency you want to trade with. And that is all. Of course, you must use only real information and active email. After this, you will be ready for binary trading.

Security of the deposits is at the highest level, so you will don’t have to worry about this issue. This broker accepts almost all major credit cards. Unfortunately, if you have American Express or Discover credit card, you will have to change it.

As we said, you don’t have to invest real money at the very beginning. You can use a free demo account and try to understand the basic rules of the “game” by trading with the fake money. If you don’t know how to use, people from the support team will be more than happy to help you.



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