All You Need To Know About The 70Trades Recipe For Profit For Novice Traders

All You Need To Know About The 70Trades Recipe For Profit For Novice Traders
When one thinks of following a ‘recipe’, one often considers cooking or baking according to a defined list of instructions; however, there are recipes in all areas of life to help with the preparation of different items.  The one area where there are no rules is the virtual world with particular focus on the industry of online trading.  This can be both exciting for novice traders, as well as highly intimidating not knowing where to begin and how to progress.  Fortunately, many online brokerages are available to share information and guide ‘newbies’ in the right direction.  This article looks at one of the most recent additions to the online trading brokerage websites,

The primary aim for the 70Trades trading website was to identify problems facing new traders and assist in simplifying the overall online trading procedures.  The information shared is provided by experienced traders and helps new traders learn about concepts such as profit/loss trading, money management, spreading of risks, and stop loss placement.  The trading platform is highly beneficial due to its easy-to-use nature allowing novice traders to access all forms of trading assets; as well as creating trading portfolios for entry onto the online trading market.  Yes, all this can be found on other websites; but what makes them stand out above the rest, besides the 70trades theory, is their accessibility to various financial trading products.


What Are The Financial Trading Products Available At 70Trades?

  1. Forex forex

At the present moment, the United Nations has noted 180 national currencies operating as legal tender for global circulation.  As with all assets, these currencies fluctuate in use when compared against one another due to the changes in their relevant government’s policies.  It is these fluctuations in the government and country’s central bank policies that allows the existence of a forex trading industry.  70Trades demo account provides new traders with the opportunity or recipe for profit by granting access to the forex market.

  1. CommoditiesCommodities

The commodities market is contrary to the forex market in that it operates using traceable goods, such as silver or gold.  While 70Trades does not actually allow new traders the opportunity to purchase these commodities, there is the opportunity to access the market when it comes to commodity speculation.  Speculation is a strong learning experience as it teaches new traders how to understand market values and earn potential profits without losing capital.

  1. StocksShares

Similar to the commodities market, the stocks industry operates with products and not currency.  Unlike the commodities market, stocks lists the financial stocks associated with companies including leading businesses such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Panasonic.  Novice traders are unable to trade with stocks on 70Trades; however, they are provided the opportunity to speculate within the stock market.

  1. IndicesIndices

Indices are not a well-known area for novice traders, but they can be highly beneficial when reading the 70Trades recipe for novice trading profits.  An indice is a representation of a public trading company’s overall company worth or value.  Typically, a trader would purchase the indices and store the item in their portfolio.



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  1. Gus says:

    I am a novice trader and i started to follow the 70trades strategy. Highly recommended!

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